The Breville panini press

For premium excellent kitchen products, famous from producer Breville. The Breville panini press includes a 1500 Watt heating element, a non traditional inside, its merchandise dimensions are 5.25 inches x 13 inches x 11.75 inches, so the media has 4 temperature settings, also it has a detailed instructions manual which also contains recipes.


The Breville panini press functions amazingly, I’ve discovered you can make a Amount of food of different varieties . The included recipe book is valuable in this aspect. I have no problems making everything to toast from sandwiches. I discovered that the racks around the press to wash, and therefore you don’t need to be concerned since it is simple to clean up any mess, whether the food is a bit messy.

The media has From crushing your meals while enabling you to cook either side of the meals, your media. The elevation adjustment system lets you easily make open and melts sandwiches.

The surface works nicely and I discovered that I did not have to use dirt or oil .


The Breville panini is fantastic, but it will have a few defects.

First off is the absence of a power switch, so unplug the media if you would like to utilize it and you’ve got to plug.

It may manage to have a temperature management system that is precise, as It stands it would be fine and has 4 choices.

The press is amazing but it fails at two core principles. It isn’t able to grill very large paninis, aka ones that are over 2 foot long, this may be an issue for those restaurants wanting a commercial panini press or a press that can handle the extremely big ones.

The press also does not have many indicators that will notify you on the temperature or the time that it will start cooking.